Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut


Ways of Giving

The Campaign for the
Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut

Cash Gifts
  Tax deductible if the donor itemizes deductions.
  Payable up to a five year period.
  Deductible in the year the payment was made.
Appreciated Property
  If qualified as a long-term (a year and a day) capital asset, property should be given outright.
  Avoids payment of capital gains tax due if property sold.
Property That Has Lost Value
  Donor sells the property, takes loss for tax purposes, and then contributes the cash received from the sale.
  Deduction given for both the loss and the charitable gift.
  Assign directly to the Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut or, preferably transfer through broker.
  Amount of contribution is fair market value on the date of transfer.
Closely Held Stock
  Produces a current tax deduction equal to fair market value of the stock.
  Corporation may redeem shares of the stock from the Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut.
  Could reduce liability for accumulated earnings tax.
Life Insurance
  Make the Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut sole owner and beneficiary of paid up policy.
  Receive income tax deduction for the cash surrender value of the policy.
  If the policy is not fully paid, continue to pay premiums.
  Receive cash deduction for annual premiums.
Deferred/Planned Gifts
  Made in trust with income or other benefits from donated money or property retained by donor or other beneficiaries  for as long as they live.
   Provide excellent method of diversifying estate, reducing gift and estate taxes, minimizing probate costs.
  Generally, assets become property of the YMCA while a portion of earnings or benefits is retained by donor and/or  designated beneficiaries during their lifetime
The Regional YMCA is a private, not-for-profit, tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) charitable organization, incorporated by the State of Connecticut. Consult with your tax advisor for more information about these and other options.

For further information please contact:
Steve Cunningham, Director of Philanthropy
(203) 740.3432. x201.