Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling engages the participant in an in depth look at individualized nutrition needs to support health behavior changes for improvement of health and well-being. Packages include nutrition consultation, dietary analysis and nutrition coaching. Nutrition counseling services is available for weight loss, vegetarian lifestyles and sports nutrition. In addition, you can receive nutrition counseling for chronic disease management of diabetes, hypertension, gastrointestinal issues, osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Nutrition Counseling Contact:

Lisa O’Connor
Wellness Director
203.775.4444 x 135

About Jessica Clark

Jessica is a Registered Dietitian and holds a board certification through the Commission on Dietetic Registration. She has over 15 years of experience working in both inpatient and outpatient settings throughout the east coast. Developing individualized plans for a variety of clients (e.g. weight management, celiac, renal, diabetes, heart healthy, etc.) to help them meet their nutrition goals.

Nutrition Counseling Contact:

Jessica Clark, RD
Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist
203.775.4444 x 135

Book Session Through Lisa O’Connor, Wellness Director

Dietician, for Regional YMCA of Western CT Jessica Clark in from of a fruit bowl


(1) 60 minute session $70

(3) 60 minute sessions$175

(5) 60 minute sessions $275

Non Members

(1) 60 minute session $98

(3) 60 minute session $245

(5) 60 minute sessions $385