5 Reasons You Should Send Your Child to Camp


Are you trying to figure out what to do with your child this summer? Let Camp Greenknoll become your child’s favorite home away from home. From the devoted leadership team to the fantastic staff, we are dedicated to creating lasting memories, lessons and relationships through our camp. There are so many reasons to send your child to camp but here are our top five:


  1. They will make new friends.

There are so many opportunities at camp for campers to make new friends and meet new mentors. We serve a vast variety of children from surrounding towns and districts and can guarantee your camper will meet at least one new person every day!


  1. They’ll be unplugged.

In a time where so many of our hours are spent online or in front of a screen, you can rest assured knowing that we rely on making our fun the good ol’ fashion way and that’s playing outside with friends!


  1. They’ll have fun!

There is no shortage of fun at Camp Greenknoll. Whether it is free swim at the pool, Fun Fridays, singing together at assembly, making something amazing in the Maker’s Space, playing games or soaking up the sun; there are always ways to find fun.


  1. They will try new things.

Campers will be introduced to so many things, some familiar but some new. It might be trying the climbing and zipline tower, picking up the archery bow, learning how to use a hammer at woodshop, playing gaga for the first time, levelling up in swim.


  1. Give yourself a break knowing your child is in good hands at Camp Greenknoll!