Membership Policies & Guidelines

As a member of our Y, you are not just joining a gym – but rather a wonderful community of youth, adults, families and health seekers, all with the goal of leading a healthy lifestyle. For over 56 years the Y has been strengthening the foundations of its communities through our core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

Our Mission The Regional Y is a community service organization committed to building healthy lives through programs that strengthen the spirit, mind and body for all.

Membership Contact:

Megan Hebert
Member Engagement Director
203.775.4444 x 110

What Members Can Expect

  • You will be warmly welcomed and treated respectfully at all times.
  • You will feel safe and well-cared for while at the Y.
  • The Y’s grounds, building and equipment will be clean and safe.
  • Information regarding programs and services will be accurate and up to date.
  • Y staff will personify the Y’s mission.
  • You will be the main priority of professional, well-trained and friendly staff.
  • Y staff will be visible and readily available to you.
  • You will belong to a cause-driven, well-managed organization.
  • Your opinions are welcome, and your inquiries will be addressed in a timely manner – speak to a  Membership Service Representative at the Front Desk.

Safe and Appropriate Attire

For your safety, please wear appropriate attire such as a t-shirt, closed-toe athletic shoes, sweats, or shorts.

Not Permitted in the Cardio or Training Rooms, in the Gym, or on the Indoor Track:

  • Jeans, khakis, cargo pants/shorts, bathing suits or plastic suits
  • Sandals, Crocs, flip flops, or boots
  • Attire that is not safe, sanitary or appropriate

Cancellation of Membership

  • Monthly membership drafts continue until the member notifies the Y they wish to terminate the membership. Membership is not dependent upon usage. Member is responsible for making any changes to membership.
  • There is a 30-day written termination policy.  If you wish to terminate your membership,  member must complete the membership cancellation form online, in person at the Greenknoll branch or email your cancellation request to or
  • Memberships terminations are not taken over the phone.
  • Memberships are not automatically terminated due to non-use.

Child Supervision Policy

No child under the age of 13 years will be allowed in the facility without an adult (18yrs+)

  • Children 12 years and younger must have an adult present in our facility.
  • Children under the age of 6 years must have a parent/adult (18yrs+) in the water with them at all times.
  • Children age 6 years and over must use the locker room of the same gender.

Program Participants

  • If your child is taking classes and is less than 6 years old then you must be close by to supervise the class. Please ask your class instructor where they would prefer you to be during class times.
  • If your child is taking classes and is at least 6 years old and you are a full member then you are free to use the facility while your child is in class.
  • Teens who are 13 and up have all the privileges of an adult member, fitness classes included!
  • Please make sure we have an accurate emergency phone number for inclement weather or injury.

Child Care

Babysitting is FREE with a full Family or Single-Parent Family membership.

  • Ages allowed are 6 months-9 years of age
  • 2 hour MAX when leaving your child/children in babysitting room
  • No outside food allowed in child care room for food allergy purposes.
  • You may supply a beverage for your child/children when dropping off for the duration of their stay.
  • Please apply sunscreen during warm months since we take children outside on playground.
  • On babysitting slip please provide where you will be in the facility. We will need to locate you if your child/children need their diaper changed.
  • Same person who drops off MUST pick up, unless you notify childcare staff.
  • You may only pick up your child/children form babysitting

Guest Policy

We encourage members to share the experience of membership with friends so they may see the value of a YMCA membership and be encouraged to become members themselves.

  • Each Membership Account is given 4 free guest passes per year.
  • After those free passes are utilized, each membership account may bring in a maximum of 4 guests per day at a rate of $5.00 per person per day.
  • All guests of Y members must have a photo ID, complete a waiver prior to using the facility and must be checked in at the Front Desk.
  • All guests of Y members must be accompanied by the member and are not permitted to use the facility on their own.
  • Y members are responsible for the behaviors and actions of their guest(s) and may be subject to suspension or revocation of membership.
  • Guests under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a Y member and meet our Supervision requirements as outlined in Section 6 of this handbook.
  • From Memorial Day to Labor Day, access is granted to Members and their guests only.  No WALK INS are permitted during this peak time. Priority is given to our membership.
  • The Y offers Day Passes for $20 each person (from September 1 through May 31) or $25 for Wellness Plus Locker Room
  • The Regional Y conducts regular sex offender screenings on all guests over the age of 18.

Inclement Weather Policy

Any facility closings will be posted on our Website, Facebook Page and a voice message will be left on our phone lines. By State Law, all pools are subject to close in instance of thunder and lightning and will remain closed for a half hour after the lifeguard(s) on duty have heard the last boom of thunder.

Therapy Pool at the Regional YMCA

Joiner Fee

A one-time joiner fee is due for all Full members upon joining/rejoining the Regional Y.

Joiners fee will be waived if reactivating a membership within 60 days of cancellation.

Membership Card Policy

All members are required to present their membership card to the Member Services Desk upon entering the facility. Membership cards are the property of the Regional Y and must be surrendered upon demand of this institution. Lost cards will be replaced for a $5 fee.

  • If you are a Wellness Plus member you must bring your Wellness Plus card when entering the facility. If forgotten, the front desk staff will have to let you into the facility. We will no longer allow you to leave your car keys/license if you forgot your card. To replace card, it will cost $5.00 per card.
  • We reserve the right to revoke a membership if a member is caught giving their membership card to a non-member to use.

Membership Hold/Freeze

  • A member may put their membership on hold up to (3) months per calendar year.
  • Members may not access the facility while membership is on hold.
  • To put membership on hold, member must fill out a hold form at the Member Services Desk or email or, allowing 30 days’ written notice before next draft date.
  • After the last skipped month, draft will automatically begin.
  • No Partial months are available to place on hold.

Nationwide Membership Policies

Nationwide members may use our facilities. Nationwide members must present Member Services Desk with a valid membership card(s) from their home YMCA or a valid photo ID if they do not have their membership card.

  • On average, at least 50% of your visits must be to your “Home” YMCA (the local association that enrolled you and collects your membership dues).
  • If you have known periods of seasonal travel (when you will not be using your Home Y at least 50% of the time or will be a resident of another area for more than 28 days), you will need to place your Home Y membership on hold (or cancel it) and join the Y where you will be living for that time period. Please plan ahead, as it may take several weeks to place your account on hold.
  • If you are a college student, you will need to join the YMCA where your usage is 50% or greater. Nationwide Membership is based on individual usage not the family unit. Most Ys have a young adult or college membership option or you can ask about the financial assistance program.
  • Insurance based memberships (Renew Active) do not have access to Nationwide membership.  Renew Active members will need to bring their Healthy Contributions Code and sign up as a Renew Active member at our location when visiting.
  • Nationwide members may take our free programs however; they cannot take a space away from a paying member (meaning you cannot reserve a bike for an Indoor Cycling class or our studio classes).
  • Program-only participants and special memberships are not eligible for Nationwide Membership.
  • Nationwide members must pay Program Member fees for the use of Child Watch (babysitting).
  • To receive the member rate for fee-based programs, Nationwide members must activate a membership with the Regional YMCA.
  • Nationwide members do not receive free guest passes. Nationwide members who wish to bring a guest can do so for $20.00 per person each visit.
  • Nationwide members do not receive free access to our Health Center; it is $25.00 per visit.

Program Cancellation

All the programs have a minimum participant requirement. The Y may cancel a program due to low enrollment.

Program/Class Refund and Credit Policy

  • If the Y cancels a program due to insufficient enrollment, you will be given a full refund. 
  • If a class is cancelled due to the weather, you will be given a credit at the end of the session or a make-up class, if available. 
  • A participant canceling prior to the first day of the session (not the first day of the class) will receive a full online system credit or refund, less $20 processing fee. 
  • A participant canceling after the session begins, whether or not they attended, will receive a pro-rated online system credit or refund, less $20 processing fee. 
  • No refund after the third class whether or not participant attended. 
  • Canceling due to medical reasons will be a pro-rated system credit with written verification from a physician. 
  • One-time events are not subject to refunds. (i.e. Kid’s Night Out, Middle School Madness, One-time family/adults events)
  • All services expire 1 year from date of purchase. (Personal Training, Private Swim Lessons, etc.) 
  • All refund/credit requests may take up to 2 weeks to process.

The Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut conducts regular sex offender screenings on all members, participants, and guests. If a sex offender match occurs, the Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut reserves the right to cancel membership, end program participation, and remove visitation access.

Includes area such as, Cardio Room, Training Center, Functional Fitness area and Spin Studio

  • For your safety, please wear appropriate attire such as a t-shirt, closed-toe athletic shoes, sweats, or shorts.

Not Permitted:

    • Jeans, khakis, cargo pants/shorts, bathing suits or plastic suits
    • Sandals, Crocs, flip flops, or boots
    • Attire that is not safe, sanitary or appropriate
  • Cell phones are not permitted in any program area or in the locker rooms, including the Wellness Center.
  • Take calls and texts in the lobby.
  • Wipe down all equipment after use with hygienic wipes provided.
  • Return all equipment to its proper place and re-rack your weights after use.
  • Do not rest on the equipment during peak times. Allow others to “work-in” or take turns.

Membership Contact:

Megan Hebert
Member Engagement Director
203.775.4444 x 110