Recognizing the Importance of National Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

Worldwide, more than 55 million people are living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. Did you know that studies have shown that physical activity reduces the risk of cognitive decline? At the Regional YMCA of Western CT, we promote the importance of physical activity at any age! Just a little bit of activity can go a long way in helping improve brain health.

Check out some of our great offerings below, which can be used a great start on your health and wellness journey:



The YMCA understands that everyone is not at the same fitness level, so with a personal trainer we can accommodate you at your level of fitness. Whether you are an avid exerciser or a beginner, our trainers can ensure that you are being trained in a safe environment and at a comfortable pace until you are ready to proceed to the next level of fitness without injury.

Our training sessions are one of the best ways to begin an overall individual fitness program. A certified trainer will help you develop an enjoyable fitness program that will target your goals.

We create a program for you, walk you through each phase and offer suggestions while discussing your personal needs.



According to the CDC, roughly 35% of U.S. adults have prediabetes and few are aware that they are at high risk for type 2 diabetes.

YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program can reduce the number of new cases of diabetes by 58%. With goals of reducing body weight by 5-7% and increasing physical activity to 150 minutes per week, this program can help you reduce your risk.

A new session will be starting June 14th at 10:30am.

For more information about PT or DPP contact:

Lisa O’Connor
Wellness Director
 203.775.4444 x 135