Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

Swimming Options at the YMCA

Here at the YMCA, a wide variety of aquatic programs are offered to meet the needs of swimmers of all ages and abilities. Swim lessons, swim teams, therapy programs, lifeguarding certification, and exercise classes are held in our year-round pools. Certified instructors staff all of our classes, with your safety and enjoyment in mind.

Interested in recreational swim? Lap lanes are available every hour we are open, where members can use the pool to swim in a continuous pattern, sometimes in designated lanes that might be shared with others. Open swim is a designated time when the pool or a section of the pool can be used for recreational swimming or family time.

New to swimming at the Y?

Swim lessons not only keep kids safe in the water, they also build self- esteem and confidence.

As you review our program option, some programs will listed under “Coming Soon” if it is for a future session. Programs become viewable once the registration dates open.

Classes do fill up fast and waitlists are provided. Please ensure your attendance when booking sessions and become familiar with our PROGRAM REFUND POLICY before booking.

Swim Lessons Contact:

Alexandra Hall-Heron
Aquatics Director
203.775.4444 x 133

30 Minutes, 1x per week

Water Discovery

6-18 months

This class offers an introduction to the aquatic environment for infants. Toddlers and parents work on independent skills, including body control and balance. Parents learn basic water safety and have a positive and fun experience with their children.

Water Exploration

1½ to 3 years

Children work with and without their parents to master the skills of kicking, pulling and blowing bubbles together to form basic stroke and body position. Fundamental safety and aquatic skills are also introduced

REMINDER: As you review our program option, some programs will listed under “Coming Soon” if it is for a future session. Programs become viewable once the registration dates open.

little girl about to jump in pool

30 Minutes, 1x per week

LEVEL 1 “Water Acclimation”

3 years and up

Children must be 100% potty trained and independent from a parent. No minimal or previous experience in swim lessons. Children become independent in the water, build confidence and focus on the skills of the basic freestyle stroke such as kicking and pulling, comfort putting their face in the water and blowing bubbles. Goal is to swim 5 yards without fear or assistance. Safety self-recue skills are introduced.

LEVEL 2 “Water Movement”

Can perform a front glide and swim 5 yards without assistance. Can blow bubbles for 10 seconds. Emphasis is on stroke development for freestyle and forward movement in water. Basic self-rescue skills performed independently.

LEVEL 3 “Water Stamina”

Can confidently swim freestyle with rotary breathing for 10 yards. Children refine their freestyle and complete backstroke. Elementary backstroke is introduced. Treading water and develops intermediate self-rescue skills at longer distances. Introduce Diving.

REMINDER: As you review our program option, some programs will listed under “Coming Soon” if it is for a future session. Programs become viewable once the registration dates open.

kids at swim lesson practice kicking

60 Minutes, 1x per week

LEVEL 4 “Stroke Introduction”

Introduces basic stroke technique in freestyle and backstroke with endurance and reinforces water safety through treading water and elementary backstroke. Breaststroke kick is introduced. Complete freestyle and backstroke for 25 yards. Diving.

LEVEL 5 “Stroke Development”

Must be able to comfortably swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke with correct technique. Strokes are refined with a strong emphasis on proper stroke mechanics. Build endurance in freestyle and backstroke and complete breaststroke. Introduce butterfly. Reinforce safety through treading water and sidestroke. Diving.

LEVEL 6 “Stroke Mechanics”

Refine stroke technique on all major competitive strokes. Swimmers must be able to complete a minimum of 50 yards of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke with proper technique. Complete butterfly. Flip turns are introduced. Diving.

REMINDER: As you review our program option, some programs will listed under “Coming Soon” if it is for a future session. Programs become viewable once the registration dates open.

Smiling girls in pool
  • Pre-registration is required before the first day of class, please register at the front desk or online. All payments are due in full at the time of registration.
  • Please make sure you place your child into the proper level (based on skill) so they get the most out of their lessons.  ​Contact Aquatics for a free swim evaluation.
  • Please enter and exit through the locker rooms.
  • Street shoes should be removed prior to coming on to the pool deck.
  • There is NO food or drink other than water allowed on the pool deck.
  • Due to Covid, we ask that parents observe proper social distancing when waiting on the deck or in the lobby. We will keep you informed as guidelines change.
  • All swimmers must wear appropriate swim attire (bathing suits, rash guards, etc.). If your swimmer is not potty trained, we ask that they are wear a cloth lined, nylon, or rubber swim diaper.
  • At the younger stages of swim lessons goggles are not necessary as children will learn and become comfortable putting their faces in and opening their eyes under the water. As swim skills increase, the use of goggles will be encouraged.
  • Swimmers with long hair should wear a bathing cap and/or tied back in a ponytail.
  • As per YMCA policy, pictures and videos are prohibited from being taken during lessons.
  • When the lesson is over, the instructors will dismiss students to their parents. PLEASE make sure you meet your child at the time of dismissal, so we do not have unattended children on deck.
  • Two weeks before the end of the session, students will receive a swim level evaluation form. The evaluation will indicate the skills your child learned, and what level they should register for in the next session.

Please keep in mind that every child learns differently and at their own pace. With patience and a positive attitude, our students have the best possible experience as they become safe and happy swimmers!!!

In order to protect and ensure the safety of all our members, YMCA of the USA and our Insurance Company will now require us to swim test anyone between the ages of 5 and 17.

If the child/teen can proficiently perform the following skills they will be given a band, which allows them in the deep end of the pool:

  • Swim 25 yards unassisted and without rest
  • Tread water for 30 seconds
  • Jump in the pool, float on back for 10 seconds, swim to side and exit the pool

If you do not pass the swim test and the water is more than armpit deep, you will need to have a Coast Guard Approved Personal Floatation Device (PFD).

Call Alexandra Hall-Heron at 203.775.4444 x133 to schedule swim testing.

If your child attends our swim lessons, Level 4 and above, and they are a full members, they will receive a band in class. They will also receive a band if they are on the MAKO Swim Team.

You will only be allowed in the shallow end of the pool if you do not pass the swim test or forget your band.

Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced swimmer, our instructors will design an individual program and critique your skills to help motivate and achieve your swimming goals!

Private Swim Fees

30 Minute Private Lesson

  • Members $50
  • Non-Members $65

30 Minute Private  – 5 Pack

  • Members $200
  • Non-Members $275

30 Minute Semi-Private  – 5 Pack

  • Members $350
  • Non-Members $400

45 Minute Private  – 5 Pack

  • Members $250
  • Non-Members $325

45 Minute Semi-Private  – 5 Pack

  • Members $375
  • Non-Members $425

YMCA Private Lesson Details

  • Available to members and non-members.
  • Lessons are 30 minutes or 45 minutes.

Guidelines from YMCA and USA Swim

  • We recommend you come READY to swim in your bathing suit. Locker rooms are open for changing and showering.
  • Parents have to remain on the facility grounds.
  • Complete the Private Swim Lesson Form below and submit it with payment to the front desk. You will then be assigned an instructor who will contact you. Extra forms are available at the from desk.

Adult Swim Lessons

Whether you have a fear of the water or want to work on strokes, we have a class for you! Private and Group Swim Lessons are available for adults of all ages and abilities. Private swim lesson fees and packages can be found in the tab above.

Contact the aquatic department to schedule a lesson today!

Masters Swimming

1 Hour, 2x per week

Sessions –

Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays at YDEAC  10:30 – 11:30 am

Whether you are a novice or an elite swimmer, our Masters program can improve your swimming skills. These coached sessions are designed to enhance your swimming skills, make you more efficient in the water, and increase your overall fitness level. All practices are held at the Youth Development & Emerson Aquatic Center (YDAC).

man swims the butterfly stroke

Swim Lessons Contact:

Alexandra Hall-Heron
Aquatics Director
203.775.4444 x 133