YWellness 24/7 Virtual wellness anytime, anywhere

Welcome to Y Wellness 24/7

We are so excited to provide you with our virtual wellness platform, available anytime from anywhere: Y Wellness 24/7.

Y Wellness 24/7 is available exclusively to our members, providing live and on-demand group exercise, and sports and play programs with 29 YMCAs, representing Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. The platform also includes access to 1000s of on-demand classes from instructors nationwide including classes in training, mindfulness, nutrition, stress management, and more.

Our virtual wellness platform will celebrate a brand new engagement experience providing over 150 live classes per week, and 100s of classes on-demand led by over 120 nurturing and motivating YMCA instructors. The weekly live classes will now include NEW choices such as cycling, Tai Chi, dance jam, country heat, cardio sculpt, bootcamp. Plus, over 20 NEW senior classes per week such as ZUMBA GOLD, Better Balance, Senior Circuit, and more!

First time user?  Clink on the button above to create your own platform login. You will only need to do this once. (This link is for members of the YMCA;  those creating an account without membership will be removed on a weekly basis.)

If you’ve already setup your Y Wellness 24/7 account, re-visit your account to browse and take classes by clicking the button above!

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How It Works:

Once you create your login to the virtual wellness platform, your primary screen will feature the instructors and teachers of the Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut and other YMCA associations participating on our platform as well as access to 1000s of classes from other instructors, nationwide.

We will frequently update our library with on-demand classes conveniently available to you anytime, anywhere you want to participate!

Need a Little Help getting logged in? Download this helpful “How To Resource Guide”. It includes video and written instructions on things like, editing your profile, following your favorite instructor, and changing your password.

What kind of classes are available:

Live classes and on demand videos are available in almost any fitness category you can think of as well as interesting and engaging content for families, youth and seniors. We hope you take some time to explore what is available to you.

Here is a list of the wellness class categories:

  • Cardio/Endurance
  • Strength/Bodywork
  • Dance
  • Mind/Body
  • Seniors/Adapted
  • Kids/Family

Again, we will frequently update our library with on-demand classes conveniently available to you anytime, anywhere you want to participate!

The best way to see available classes is to login to YWellness 24/7. However, if you would like to see it in a calendar view, download the class schedule. These classes are subject to change as we are consistently adding new classes as more and more YMCA’s join the platform.

You will also notice some classes are marked, * Y Wellness My Way. 

*Y Wellness My Way is dedicated to health seekers who are either 1) just starting out in their fitness journey or 2) have stopped exercising and are experiencing weight gain and/or limitations that prevent them from feeling confident in our standard group exercise classes. We will provide participants with a feeling of normalcy, confidence and accessibility. The ultimate goal is to support health seekers to overcome fears, build confidence and gain strength along the way with the option of LIVE and OnDemand classes taught on the Y Wellness 24/7 platform.

How much does Y Wellness 24/7 cost?

Y Wellness 24/7 is INCLUDED with a YMCA membership. To learn more about becoming a Regional YMCA Members click here.

I am having trouble navigating the platform, help!

Please contact to ask questions about platform navigation. For Y specific questions, contact Megan Hebert.

Can I see the virtual platform on my television?

There are a few ways to connect to your TV from a mobile device. You can use a wired connection (more information here). Or depending on your device, you can also stream classes directly to a smart TV.

Apple iOS devices can cast to Chromecast enabled devices and have the ability to use Apple’s native Screen Mirror feature.

Android app versions higher than 4.3.6 are able to cast to the following devices:

  • Roku
  • Fire TV Stick
  • Chromecast

Due to the variety of devices and operating systems we recommend consulting the help documents or website associated with your specific mobile device and/or smart TV.

What if my teen with a teen membership wants to participate in the new virtual platform? 

Youth and teens can have access to our virtual platform through a family membership. Please contact Megan Hebert if you wish to upgrade your membership!

I am having trouble logging in. I navigate to the login screen and I’m asked for payment.

Y Wellness 24/7 is provided as a free benefit of your membership. You should not be requested to enter payment information. This is an error; please contact to correct this.

My screen is not clear? Connection seems fuzzy?

Click the blue NETWORK button on the bottom left of your screen to determine if your connection is strong or if there are network issues on your end.

I cannot hear audio for my class using my phone.

Click the new RESET AUDIO button to re-sync the audio on your device.   burnalong screen shot audio

I’m using my phone and my screen in blank?
This could be due to your browser settings. Adjust the settings on your phone to allow Safari (iphone) or your current browser access to camera and microphone.

I had a login to the virtual wellness platform before and now it’s not working.

Please contact as they can quickly correct this issue.

Why can’t I see myself when I click the ‘camera’?

We see those features too! Those features are currently in development and are not currently working. But they are coming soon!

There are a lot of new classes; how do I find my favorite instructors?

With the influx of new classes and videos, if you like a specific instructor, we recommend that you use the ‘follow” feature to save favorite instructors to your account. How to follow an instructor? Click on a class hosted by that instructor. Navigate to the three tabs (class, reviews, instructor) at the bottom of the page and click on “instructor” and then click “FOLLOW”